Mid-Day Dog Walking

Maybe it’s difficult for you to get away from the office at lunchtime to take your dog out for a walk.

Even if you work from home, you might need extra assistance. There are myriad reasons why people just like you need a reliable and trustworthy mid-day dog walker. We provide that extra companionship your dog needs during the day. Our dog walkers will take your furry friend outside when you need us.

During the walk, we give your dog the time to act like a dog — the time to sniff, walk and explore. This quality time also lets our dog walkers observe your dog’s behavior and build a relationship of trust and friendship. With our service, we not only take your dog for a walk rain or shine, we also provide a detailed pet report including photo of how it went so that you don’t miss their face during the day!


The benefits of mid-day dog walks are numerous for your beloved pet. Some are apparent, like the much-needed potty break. Others are not as obvious, like improved socialization, pet behavior and health. Plus, consistent mid-day dog walks provide your pet with a regular routine to look forward to.

Meet & Greet

During our intake meeting, we gather all of the important details when it comes to caring for your pet. Our dog walker visits you in your home to meet you and your pet. We establish the dates and times we are needed and discuss paperwork, like completing our pet profile. At this time, you provide a copy of your pet’s veterinarian record and any other personality or behavioral traits we should know about your dog. We’ll also review all of your instructions. The visit includes a tour of your home so we can find the necessities, like leashes, bags, food, favorite toys, etc. During this time, we also have fun getting to know your pet in their environment.


We offer 30-minute walks Monday through Friday between 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. This service is provided as a discount. Our fees are based on a minimum commitment of 12 weeks with no fewer than 15 visits per month in order to maintain the discounted rate. Otherwise, if you don’t need us as often, you will be billed at the pet sit rates. This package rate is $19 per walk for one dog; $21 per walk for two to three dogs; and $28 per walk for four or more dogs. A one-time fee of $15 is charged for all new clients for the intake meeting; the fee for second meetings for existing clients is $7.50.


Mid-day dog walking observes the standard pet-sitting policies with the following payment modifications:

Payment for services is due upon receipt of semi-monthly billing on the 15th and last day of the month. Credits for cancellations will be applied on the following month’s invoice. Additional service requests during the week or on weekends will be billed at the pet sit rate and billed separately.

New Clients

We will make our best effort to walk your dog at the requested times. Noon is a very common request for mid-day walks, so please be flexible with us and give us at least a two-hour window for walking your dog. Conditions such as holidays, traffic, weather and difficult sits, may cause delays.

We request a 24-hour advance cancellation notice, but will accept emergency cancellations by 6:00 a.m. the day of service. Any cancellations after this time will continue to be billed.

“I just want to say how totally dependent my dogs and I are on Fur, Fins and Feathers and how completely responsible they are so I never have a worry. My family has been using this company for many, many years and we never had any serious problems in the care of our dogs. I trust our dogs and our home to them absolutely. And the dogs love our FF&F dog walkers.”

— Evan