Pet Sitting

Planning to be away and can’t bring your beloved pet? Have a special occasion or business travel? Or are you moving and need your pet to be cared for while you prepare?

In situations like these, pet sitting may be the best option for you and your pet. This is different than our house-sitting  or mid-day dog walking services. Our pet caregiver will visit for 30 minutes up to three times per day, dependent on your pet’s needs. Prior to scheduling, we consult with you to figure out what’s best for your pet. We want to make sure that they stay on their normal eating, play and exercise routines. Our pet caregivers are pet lovers, too, and will provide the care and companionship needed while you are away. We also provide detailed pet reports and photos to keep you informed of your pet’s daily care.

We also know the unexpected can happen and we want to be there for you and your pet. We offer pet sitting for emergency situations so you have one less thing to worry about!


Our pet-sitting services give you the flexibility to use our pet care when you need it. There are no long-term commitments, and we build the agenda around your pet and their daily schedule.

Meet & Greet

During our intake meeting, we gather all of the important details when it comes to caring for your pet. Our pet sitter visits with you in your home to meet you and your pet. We establish the dates and times we are needed and discuss paperwork, like completing our pet profile. At this time, you provide a copy of your pet’s veterinarian record and any other personality or behavioral traits we should know about your pet. We also review all of your instructions. This visit includes a tour of your home to show us the necessities, like leashes, food, kitty litter location, favorite toys, etc. During this time, we also have fun getting to know your pet in their environment.


We offer pet sitting for one or more pets for 30-minute visits. For one pet, the rate is $21 per visit; for two to three pets, the rate is $23 per visit; and for four or more pets, the rate is $30 per visit. For emergencies, our rate is $75 for the first visit, then it will defer to our regular rates. (If you are not already a client, we must have current veterinarian records and the pet must be current on their shots). A one-time fee of $15 is charged for all new clients for the intake meeting; the fee for second meetings for existing clients is $7.50.


Special rates for pet sitting exotic birds and pets: $30 for 1 pet; $45 for two to three pets; and $55 for four or more pets.

Pet transportation: Pickup and transport to vet, groomer, kennel or emergency situations, etc., billed at $20 per hour.

Medication and shots: Call office for specific needs and fees.

We request a minimum 24-hour advance cancellation notice.

All holiday bookings will incur a 10 percent surcharge for services.

Cancellations for the holidays are accepted one week prior to the start date of service without the client being charged. Otherwise, clients are charged a $30 fee.

Inclement weather policy is important to observe. If you need a copy, please call the office.

Pet sitter gratuities are always appreciated. Please make arrangement with your sitter.

Keys: There is a charge of $8.50 if you want a sitter to pick up and return your keys in person or you can schedule a day and time to pick up at our office. You must present our receptionist with a state photo I.D. before you receive keys. Keys will not be mailed.

“I am home and all is well with Luna. Thank you for taking good care of her.”

— L.B.