House Sitting

Need a pet caregiver for an extended period of time? Let us take care of your pets in their own environment.

Whether you are going away on a quick weekend excursion or for a well-deserved vacation, our house sitters can provide the care that you expect and that your pet deserves. With our house-sitting service, your pet will be taken care of in the morning, afternoon, evening and overnight in the comfort of their own home and community. This service is similar to our pet-sitting service, but with the addition of overnight care. After a detailed consultation, we tailor our service to fit with your and your pet’s unique needs.

In addition to making your pet feel well-loved and safe, we want your home to feel that way, too. During the hours we are away from your home, we will do small things to make your home look occupied, like turning on different lights or opening and shutting blinds before leaving. Our house sitters create activity, like leaving on a television or radio between visits to serve as a companion to your pet. This practice helps ease anxieties and can mimic the everyday situation your pet thrives in. And, we provide detailed pet reports and photos so you know how your pet is doing daily.


The most obvious benefit of our house-sitting service is that your pet gets to stay at home. This is especially important for pets who may be skittish or shy and enjoy the comfort of their own surroundings. And, it’s a good fit for birds, fish and other furry friends who can’t easily be moved and need more care than with our pet-sitting service.

Meet & Greet

During our intake meeting, we gather all of the important details when it comes to caring for your pet. Our pet sitter visits you in your home to meet you and your pet. We establish the dates and times we are needed and discuss paperwork, like completing our pet profile. At this time, you provide a copy of your pet’s veterinarian record and any other personality or behavioral traits we should know about your pet. We’ll also review all of your instructions. This will include a tour of your home to show us the necessities, like leashes, food, kitty litter location, favorite toys, etc. During this time, we also have fun getting to know your pet in their environment.


The rates for house sitting — or overnight stays in a client’s home — are $77 for one pet; $85 for two to four pets; and $105 for five or more pets. House-sitting service may not include 24 solid hours of care. We provide 30 minutes of care between 6 a.m. – 8 a.m., 10 a.m. – 3 p.m., 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. and overnight. A one-time fee of $15 is charged for all new clients for the intake meeting; and the fee for second meetings for existing clients is $7.50.


Special rates for pet sitting exotic birds and pets: $30 for 1 pet; $45 for two to three pets; and $55 for four or more pets.

Pet transportation: Pickup and transport to vet, groomer, kennel or emergency situations, etc., billed at $20 per hour.

Medication and shots: Call office for specific needs and fees.

We request a minimum 24-hour advance cancellation notice.

All holiday bookings will incur a 10 percent surcharge for services.

Cancellations for the holidays are accepted one week prior to the start date of service without the client being charged. Otherwise, clients are charged a $30 fee.

Inclement weather policy is important to observe. If you need a copy, please call the office.

Pet sitter gratuities are always appreciated. Please make arrangement with your sitter.

Keys: There is a charge of $8.50 if you want a sitter to pick up and return your keys in person or you can schedule a day and time to pick up at our office. You must present our receptionist with a state photo I.D. before you receive keys. Keys will not be mailed.

“You are amazing! Thank you. We really appreciate the visit reports by text — perfect!”

— C.A.