Mid-day Dog Walking or our "Kinder Pup Club" (KPC) presents noon and/or late afternoon openings.

Your designated KPC pet sitter will arrive at your home and play, exercise, promote social skills or just plain have fun with your pup, for up to 30 minutes each visit.

You can now relax, make your own plans to work late, go to dinner, or to the shows (we leave that part to you). Knowing your pet has been fabulously cared for will enhance the love and commitment you have for your dog.

Sign up your pup(s), regardless of age, in our special Monday through Friday walking, exercising, feeding and fun play time club.We have affordable KPC rates, with a minimum of 6 weeks service, 3 times a week. Usually this service is a daily, on-going visitation. KPC is offered once or twice a day while you are at work. This service differs from our standard pet sitting program. Click here for our Rates and compare the savings. 

The initial consultation takes place in your home at a time that is convenient for you and your walker. We want you and your dog to have an opportunity to meet your dog walker prior to starting service. You will also complete a Dog Profile for us to keep on file. This is also the time to give your dog walker 2 keys to your home that have been tested and are known to work. Let your walker know as much as possible about your dog and his/her routine and habits (good and bad). The more your walker knows, the better he/she will be able to cater to your dog's needs.